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10.08.2011 12:27
Город: Мурманск

The picket Saami 08.09.2011

Today, on the Day of Indigenous Peoples, Kola Saami not onlycelebrated, but also added a headache officials. In Murmansk and the cinema in downtown, on an area of ​​"Five Corners",members of the indigenous people held a picket.

One of the requirements dressed in the national clothes of people was connected with the fact that the decision of the committee this spring, the fishing industry of the Murmansk region 2 / 3 Saami were denied the right to develop the quota for the fish.

Although According to our information, in 2011, quotas for cod, haddock, whitefish have been increased several times. Furthermore, the Saami have a quota on the free fishing of salmon. The only thing that requires special attention this is not the ability indigenous population of the peninsula, fill out an application for the quota year, 150 applications because of improper processing returns.

Maybe instead of picket lines be worthwhile to to learn to fill in the documents?


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