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23.06.2011 17:50
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Collection of public opinion about quality of municipal services in 2010

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region in late June - early July this year experts "Center for Social and Marketing Research" will hold a public poll.

The subject of a poll is a public opinion about the quality of municipal services in 2010 in health, education, culture, quality of service in the field of housing and utilities, landscaping and circulation waste, as well as on the activities of local authorities of urban districts and municipal districts of the Murmansk region, including their transparency.

In the sociological survey is open to citizens aged 18 and older residing in the territory of the Murmansk region.

The results of the survey will be taken into account when assessing the effectiveness of local government in 2010 and will determine activities in need of urgent attention of local authorities.

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