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04.08.2011 23:09
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Getting suffer for the benefit

In Norway, there was a scandal involving the Russian woman, robbed of children. Irina Bergset accused in illegal exporting his own son out of the Northern Kingdom. Guardianship after her divorce with her husband, Irene gave a Norwegian boy's father. According to the Russians, 4-year-old Misha is constantly exposed to sexual violence.

In support of the Russians was made commissioner of the President of Russia on the Rights of the Child Pavel Astakhov. He noted that the consular and diplomatic institutions in Russia are ready to render necessary assistance Bergset and her children.

 Our editors asked Russians who lost their children in Norway. They argue that the problem is much bigger and scarier than any news release. Remain without a child in this country is not easy, but very simple. It suffices to call a neighbor at home. But who will protect the rights of the mother?

A six year old Vanya sees his mother 2 hours - once every two weeks. Tatiana Bitkin was at work a few months ago when officers took custody of her son from home.

-'s Son asked, "Mom, when will you take me away?". I tried it to explain something, but the present employees of care required that I did not dare to speak to adult themes with a small child and that if I tried alone to explain something, then the meeting would be stopped - says Tatiana.

Tatiana had once lived in Severomorsk, and today the Norwegian Nord Trøndelag region. With it, we were contacted by Skype. Unhappy mother says - she had the imprudence to abandon the designated mental health for their son. Boy behaving badly conducted in kindergarten. We would say - buffoon. Family social appointed consultants. When the caseworker found out that Tatiana wants to take his son to the grandparents in Belarus, on vacation, decided that she stole the child from the country. Vanya was taken and placed in a foster family.

A quiet border town of Kirkenes. Here, as nowhere else a lot of international couples. Natalya Mikhailenko-Hivand has two children. More than 10 years living in Norway, and knows how the system of juvenile justice.

The Committee to Protect Children's Rights or otherwise - Barnevern - seriously examines all requests. This organization has a broad mandate. The reason to take the child away from parents may be the opinion of one person - from the classroom teacher, doctor, caregiver to a random person. Employees can take the child Barnevern of the family, guided by the principle - it would be better for him.

Norwegian law protects any child in any country - no matter its origin. The main thing - as long as the opera, so to speak, no stand on the wing. Well, in what family he will do it, it does not matter - at home or at the reception.

Murmanchanka Irina Nyuland denied the right to raise his young son Adam. It is her first and long-awaited child. Adam is only 22 months, but he can see his mother four times a year. So ordered the guardianship of the Northern Kingdom. Irina was accused of inadequacy and lack of maternal instinct. In order to prove - it is the best mother for her son, she decided to go through all the possible instances.

She says - woe that befell the family - a tragedy is not personal, and cautions - to lose a child in Norway, everyone can.

- If you give an example, in Finland last year to 5 million people have seized 15 000 children a year, and in Norway for 5 million people - 40 000 - explains Irina.

According to the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Murmansk region Boris Kogan - imperfect justice itself yuvinal Norway. In the case of Irene managed to achieve a positive outcome. After talks with Norwegian experts failed to agree - they re-examine her problem.

- I have not seen in the actions of the Norwegian side of indifference and apathy, I saw the same thing that we have, interest, involvement, but we just look at some things differently. I emphasize - it should take into account all of Russia's mom, do not give a reason, - said Boris Kogan, Ombudsman for children in the Murmansk region

As this mandate to fulfill in practice - the big question. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics in Norway, the total number of appeals for the protection of children's rights in the service Barnevern was 50 000 cases during 2010.

- A lot of Norwegian families even in similar situations, and any forecast is very difficult to do. For example, last year there was a case where a child has been withdrawn services to protect the rights of the child of a mixed Russian-Finnish family that was dysfunctional in terms of Norwegian law, and about six months the child was supervised, but then he was returned to the family - says Igor Lapitsky, third secretary of the Consulate General of Russia in Kirkenes

For help - to protect their rights at home mother asked four of our compatriot. But the true figures, as mothers lost their children in Norway, of course, many times more. Many parents are afraid to ask for help, to bring these cases publicized in the press, suggesting that they did rob visits with the child. Suppose that two times a year.

TV-21 asked the General Consulate of the Kingdom of Norway in Murmansk with a request to clarify the position of officials of the neighboring country on the situation with regard to Irene Nyulund. As we said Consul General Ion Elvedal Fredriksen, "The Norwegian authorities in principle does not comment on such matters connected with children, because these issues are engaged exclusively in the guardianship."


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