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04.08.2011 20:46
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He caught himself on the hook for profit

In the Murmansk region opened a criminal case against a deputy head of inter-municipal police department, "Apatity" - chief of police № 4 (area of ​​responsibility - Kirovsk) Dmitri Goncharuk. As previously reported, he was suspected of committing two crimes: abuse of power and illegal business activities. Some details of the case yesterday, told reporters at a press conference held at the investigation department of the TFR in the Murmansk region.

- According to investigators, Goncharuk, from 2008 to this year's summer fishing arranged for foreigners - the head of the department to investigate cases of critical investigation department Oleg Korobov. - He invited fans of sport fishing, mainly from Norway, Finland and Denmark. Through its business activities, enjoyed the service bus. As a result of three years, a police colonel received illegal income in the amount of two million rubles.

Information about the business head of the Kirov was obtained by police investigative agencies of Federal Security Service and the Department's own security AMIA region. It was she who was the occasion for the excitation of two criminal cases, today united in one.

- Goncharuk good command of English - added the chief operational and investigative part of the Murmansk region AMIA Michael Wheat. - With this easy to set up communications with foreigners. Initially, the Internet then went through their clients on new fishing fans.

For foreigners Salmon rivers of our region special camp was broken up, hired staff - cooks and workers who bought fishing licenses. Outwardly, everything seemed normal. The problem is that people in uniform do not have the right to do business. And even more so to use the for-profit agency owned material resources - the same bus. Why he went into business? As was made at a press conference, Goncharuk explains simply, saying that he really needed money.

But the reputation of the colonel apparently was previously very decent. According to Michael Wheat, in the internal affairs he served since 1993. Traveled on business trips to the North Caucasus. Repeatedly encouraged, award winning.

Goncharuk has already submitted his resignation. Since it was taken under house arrest, the question of prosecution and the measures of restraint.


Russian legislation provides for the punishment of abuse of office to four years imprisonment, and for illegal business - the arrest of six months or a fine of up to 300 thousand of rubles.


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