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23.06.2011 17:50

Collection of public opinion about quality of municipal services in 2010

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region in late June - early July this year experts "Center for Social and Marketing Research" will hold a public poll. The subject of a poll is a public opinion about the quality of municipal services in 2010 in health, education, culture, quality of service in the field of housing and utilities, landscaping and circulation waste, as well as on the activities of local authorities of urban ...

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19.11.2012 10:28
Dialogue with Greenpeace, continuation …

In August of this year I turned to Greenpeace with questions on their activities. The main theme of my address - why the organization so selectively fights against oil development in the north, attacking only Russia and ignoring the other ...

18.11.2012 20:44
Greenpeace inspects Russia, but don’t see what is being done in Norway?

In early August, in the port of Murmansk went legendary Arctic Sunrise - Greenpeace ice-class vessel. Local media gladly filmed scenes, interviewed the team and talked about how, with which mission arrived environmentalists, but for some reason ...

15.08.2011 21:47
The Irish Twin Cities

This year Murmansk celebrates its 95 birthday, Kirovsk will be 80 years old and Apatity 45. But many of us have never thought that the northern lands have been inhabited more then 5000 ...

27.11.2012 11:54
Shtockman will come the second?

Scientists have offered an unexpected output from a gas problem. - Shtockman will be. Surely! - optimists tirelessly go on. - If you don’t fear God, then at least fear ice sea with icebergs! – object pessimists. – There will ...

19.11.2012 10:21
Dialogue with Russian department of largest ecological organization

It is very delightful that the article about Greenpeace expedition “Arctic Sunrise” caused responsiveness and interest from visitors – material is still among top most read publications of the site. But the most positive moment ...

01.09.2011 00:17
The Murmansk region has lost the leading position in battle for the Arctic and soon may lose its independence

The question of unification of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions and Nenets Autonomous District is actively lobbed since the beginning of the new millennium. The purpose of unification is creating a new entity of the ...