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27.11.2012 11:54
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Shtockman will come the second?

Scientists have offered an unexpected output from a gas problem.
- Shtockman will be. Surely! - optimists tirelessly go on.
- If you don’t fear God, then at least fear ice sea with icebergs! – object pessimists. – There will not be your Shtockman. Never!

You know, and now it seems to me that the both are right. Yes, unique hydrocarbon layer on the shelf will give the gas to people with all generosity of its underground soul. But it will be not tomorrow. And today it is not exist. Such is the dialectic.

And the understanding of its laws came in Murmansk within the framework of the business week at the international conference “Development of the Arctic shelf: step by step”. It is the fifth in a row. But it is the first after it was confirmed officially – Don’t wait Shtockman at present…

There and then there is a question – what will be happened with the gasification of the Kola Peninsula. Waiting for shelf projects it is necessary to create favorable conditions for development of coastal infrastructure: ship-repair plants, logistic complexes, other service companies. A special place is for ecology , for which the government and business bring a solidary responsibility to future generations. In general, there is much to do. As cordial hosts have to work hard to meet the Shtockman dignity as the honored guest. And here is not to do without the help of our neighbors. It is no mere chance that at the beginning of the conference the governor in the government region’s name signed memorandums of understanding with Statoil ASA Company and Total Exploration and Development Russia Company.

- The signed memorandums allow us to build the long-term relationships. We implement a row of projects in the social sphere. Among other they touch staff training, preparation in the sphere of securing of ecological safety, - said Marina Kovtun.

The vice-president of the Statoil ASA company Per Kyarnes reminded to participants of conference about the current situation in the world market of hydrocarbons. Now, he said, Developing of unconventional resources is quickly develops. Technologies stepped forward, and now object of interest of experts became both slate gas, and heavy brands of oil.

- It is impossible to lower hands. There is a place for Shtockman in this plans, - the speaker emphasized.

Though there will be many difficulties with this project. For example, a very important factor is the distance to the shore. "Snow White" is 250 kilometers away. Shtockman is more than twice further.

And it is difficulties not only with the production, but also with the delivery of gas to the coast. In case of such distance it would take a lot of energy. The question must be decided, and it is the best to decide it together.

- For projects in the Arctic Region cooperation is especially important, - agreed with his Norwegian colleague the director of the department of management  of Shtockman’s asset of the Total Exploration and Development Russia Company Jean Eric Molinar.  – Ant the Barents Sea is a key element of the Arctic development.

And the Shtockman – in this with Mr. Molinar sure nobody will argue – in the full sense of this word the megaproject.  And it, of course, has the right to have the difficult character. Its main positive feature – is the quality of the layer. Minuses are much more: the previously mentioned remoteness from the coast, severe weather conditions, existence of icebergs and so on.

- To master a field will be not easy, - the General Director of JSC “Gazprom Output Shelf” Alexander Mandel  underlined. – It needs coastal infrastructure and personnel.

Personnel, by the way, is another serious problem. Technicians are lacking all over the world. And our region here, unfortunately, is not exception. In developing of the oil platform “Prirazlomnaya” in Murmansk, reminded Alexander Mandel, were involved about two thousand people. Thus, the citizens of Murmansk from them were accumulated a couple of hundred people. It was necessary to bring specialists goodness knows where from, even from the Amursk region, from Ukraine. But in terms of the Shtockman project, it will be necessary to build plant of production of the liquefied natural gas in Teriberka and at least two dozens of gas tankers and many other things. But what here you can do: Shtockman is the groom, as they say, enviable, it’s not a sin to try.

The  actual start of Shtockman, - reminded Alexander Mandel, - began only in 2008-2009, when the geological  exploration was complete. For such time, the child will not really deliver on his feet – where to master a unique field. Its time will come still. Not tomorrow, but will come.
While Shtockman didn’t reach,  an unexpected method of gasification in Murmansk region was offered by the General Director of JSC “NIPImorneft” professor Leonid Kulpin.  Acording to him, for these purposes it is possible to use a large gas deposit “Murmansk”. It is located much closer to the coast (350-360 km) and not in so heavy ice conditions. As a result  it is simpler for the development.  From its development is possible to start out on the Arctic shelf. All the more, from technical point of view, according to professor Kulpin, there is all necessary for the development of “Murmansk”

Well, to consider this proposal, to count all “pros” and “cons” and to make a decision is a prerogative of the experts and the authorities. Maybe “Murmansk” will really overtake Shtockman? These are the questions of tactic. The strategy is different:  Shtockman will surely come. It is simply late…

Source: mvestnik.ru

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