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04.08.2011 20:44
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Russian environmentalists: "Gazprom" is not ready to install the first offshore drilling platform in the Russian Arctic

Install the "Prirazlomnaya" in the Pechora Sea and further work on the drilling, producing and transporting crude oil on it threatens to turn into another environmental disaster. "The oil and gas exploration in the Arctic, there are alternatives" - environmentalists believe. A statement demanding action to change policy in the Arctic and the installation of the platform to freeze until not met all the necessary safety measures, they were sent to the country's leadership.

Greenpeace in Russia, the Russian Bird Conservation Union, WWF Russia, Bellona Russia and Socio-Ecological Union issued a joint statement in which you want to freeze a planned August installation of the platform "Prirazlomnaya" in the Pechora Sea, until then, until compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

In August 2011 company "Gazprom Neft shelf" plans to be towed offshore platform "Prirazlomnaya" from Murmansk in the Pechora Sea and begin oil production in the Arctic. However, the installation of the platform and the continuation of the work is complicated by many negative factors.

First of all, it's difficult weather conditions, which, according to environmentalists, are not adapted modern technology.

"In today's world there is no practical experience of the successful oil spill response in ice volume of more than a few tens of tons - said in a statement environmentalist. - In case of failure of the ejected volume in the sea of ​​oil could reach 8-10 thousand tons. The situation is complicated by the fact that the nearest emergency services capable of conducting the liquidation of the sea, located in Murmansk, about 1000 kilometers from the field. "

Platform "Prirazlomnaya" are going to set a distance of 50-100 km from the Nenets Reserve and a number of federal reserves, which in the case of an oil spill will most likely will be contaminated. Providence of navaga, Czech-Pechora herring, whitefish and valuable and salmon is a traditional sector of economic activity of the local population.

If an accident happens in the winter, working towards the elimination of its consequences will be carried out in the dark, almost at random - the polar night lasts here for a few months. Given the numerous storms with high waves, dense fog and ice multimeter, to believe in the effectiveness of such work is impossible.

"Against this background, a vivid example of being unprepared for the worst scenarios, it seems the claimed amount in the project documentation of environmental insurance in the amount of 7 million rubles, which does not amount to a tenth of a percent of the size of potential damage and losses," - said in a statement.

Raises concerns of environmentalists and informational secrecy of the project. The official site has no design documentation, nor the results of open public discussion.

Environmentalists call to suspend the installation of the platform "Prirazlomnaya" and an open discussion of the project to determine its environmental safety and economic viability. "Today, oil and gas projects in the Arctic shelf are two major problems - this is an underestimation of risks and overestimated the ability to cope with these risks. Under such conditions, oil production in the Arctic shelf is simply unacceptable, "- said in a statement.

Public organizations are reminded that Russia has a huge potential for savings and oil and gas have already developed areas. Thus, the inefficient burning of natural gas at Russian thermal power plants leads to an annual loss of 40-50 billion m3, while for Moscow to supply 30 billion m3 per year.

Is extremely low and the oil recovery factor (ORF), representing 30 per cent. Increased oil recovery to 37% would allow the existing fields in addition about 75 million tons of oil. For comparison, the planned drilling on the field Prirazlomnoye will provide 7 million tons of oil per year.

Environmentalists call on the operator platform "Prirazlomnaya" freeze its installation, and to promulgate emergency response plans. You also need to have an open and comprehensive discussion of the project to determine its economic feasibility.

Source: https://region51.com/node/51863/

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