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23.06.2011 17:57
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Under the brand "Russian Lapland"

A major step in the transformation of the tourism sector of the economy of the Murmansk region should be the creation of tourist and recreational cluster "Russian Lapland", located in the Lovozero district, Kirovsk and Apatity. On hisbased plan to create a special economic zone of tourist-recreational type. This is not the only way to make effective use of the rich natural, historical and cultural identity of the Kola Peninsula, but also a mechanism for attracting industry to investitsy, the development of modern infrastructure.

In Revda already begun to implement several investment projects: the construction of ski resort "Alluayv" tourist-recreational complex "Hank" on Umbozero, ethnographic tourist-recreational complex "Sami village" and the All-Unionitinerant tourist resort on the lake crooked. On the basis of dispensary "Northern Lights" is created by the hotel and recreational complex. Now is the design of engineering infrastructure facilities in the village Revda complete clearance of landsites.

The implementation of the projects will enhance the diversification of the economy of the village and bring here an additional 20 thousand tourists a year. According to the Federal Tourism Agency, the average cost of a Russian tourist to travel within the country in 2009 was 28.7 thousand rubles. It is estimated that travel expenses they spend about 35 percent of this amount. Then the average tourist spending in the Murmansk region through the implementation of complex projects in Revda exceed 400 million rubles.

In Kirovsk the most large-scale projects at the moment is the construction of two world-class ski resorts - "Vudyavrchorr" and "Lovchorr." Their implementation will create a basis for preparing Kirovsk athletes competed for world-class.

In addition to the economic, the project "Russian Lapland" generally has a social effect. In Kirovsk will create up to two thousand, and in Revda - up to 370 new jobs. The project will contribute to the preservation and dissemination of cultural values Russian North, the traditions of local ethnic groups, strengthening of cultural self-identity in the Far North.

The project of creation of tourist-recreational area "Russian Lapland" moves not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries. In particular, his interests in the joint implementation of Finnish experts express the world's largest techno park of winter sports "Snowpolis-Vuokatti."

To make our project a recognizable one, to attract Russian and foreign tourists, at the request of the regional Ministry of Economic Development has been developed brand "Russian Lapland". The developers have presented several options for graphic images; reflect the characteristics of our region - its natural, historical, and socio-cultural facilities, heritage and events. Based on the results of surveys of target groups and random respondents, the expert committee has selected two options.

The final stage - an open internet vote on the site of the regional Ministry of Economic Development (www.mineconomy.gov-murman.ru) and the regional tourism portal (www.murmantourism.ru). Voting will take place from June 24 to July 1.  And everyone is welcome to take part in it.

Source: https://region51.com/node/51353/

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